Ellenhorn COVID-19 Update and Plan

Many people who have attended psychiatric programs will tell you that that those who have had the greatest effect on their recovery were their peers in these programs. As a program that focuses on individualized care and helps most of our clients in their own apartments, we offer many extra opportunities for our clients to connect with one another.

These include different group therapies such as our art therapy, wellness, spirituality and mentalization groups, and support groups such as our lived experience and recovery speaker series. To see all our varied peer activities, click here for a live calendar of groups and events.

QUEST is a unique component of Ellenhorn that helps clients stay physically and mentally active and form friendships in a natural setting. Participating in QUEST can mean visiting a museum, hiking in the woods, learning to kayak, growing vegetables on a working farm, grooming horses, or training gentle, affectionate dogs. Clients engage with the outside world in a positive way, discover the city’s treasures, and find strengths and interests within themselves that build self-confidence. Staff is right at hand to help clients work through any issues that arise. Clients enjoy trips to museums, malls, parks, and hiking trails. They go horseback riding, take kayak trips and experience rock-climbing at a gym. People socialize in a comfortable, stress-free way during shared activities, while building skills and a feeling of competence.