Ellenhorn COVID-19 Update and Plan

Founded by a psychiatrist and a clinically trained sociologist, Ellenhorn blends the most robust psychiatric care of any private community-based program in the United States with the nation’s most intensive multidisciplinary treatment specifically aimed at helping clients remain integrated in the world.

We are as oriented to alleviating the suffering and potential dysfunction that psychiatric experiences can cause, as we are to preventing and treating the serious social damage often suffered by individuals diagnosed with and treated for psychiatric issues.

At Ellenhorn, we believe that staying connected to the world is central to an individual getting better. Standard treatment for psychiatric issues is often conducted in a vacuum, in which the person being treated is removed from his or her real life. That experience can damage a person’s confidence as they come to see themselves as defined by illness; it often derails them from pursuing their life goals, thus robbing them of a sense of purpose; and it can disrupt their connections with others. At Ellenhorn, we see abundant evidence that these social injuries are as devastating as a person’s psychiatric symptoms.