Ellenhorn New Perspectives Series: Cultivating curiosity and motivation: cornerstones of change behavior in tri-occuring recovery

On May 2, 2022, Ellenhorn hosted the second of five talks in our 2022 New Perspectives on treatment series. This presentation was done by Zoi Andalcio, LMHC, Ellenhorn’s Director of IDDT Services and Katherine Clemens, LICSW, Ellenhorn’s Clinical Director.

Curiosity is something that we are all born with and is foundational to our cognitive development. As we develop from infants to adolescents to adults, however, our curiosity, or our intrinsic desire to know and understand, is subverted by multiple forces. This presentation will address the macro- and micro-level ways in which stymied curiosity results in an environment lacking in motivation to change, as well as examine mental-health treatment for “tri-occurring” recovery. Speakers discuss their own work with clients who are seeking recovery from tri-occurring challenges, as well as the ways in which they cultivate curiosity as essential motivation toward change.

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