Program Costs

Sustained PACT Services

The costs for treatment following the first month are based on levels of intensity of services needed by our clients. When we near the end of our first month, we have a good picture of these levels, and inform clients and their families of them. These levels change during our work, most often decreasing over time, but also increasing depending on what is occurring for our clients.

The ranges of the levels of intensity and average costs are as follows:

Boston: Average monthly fee is $14,000.
New York: Average monthly fee is $16,000.

Please call for more details.

Levels of Intensity

Maintenance – At this level, a client is likely seeing his or her psychiatrist once or twice monthly, and sees members of his or her team 2-3 times a week.

Low – All of our treatment services, usually seen 1-2 times daily.

Medium – All of our treatment, usually seen 2-3 times daily.

High – All of our treatment services, usually seen 3-4 times daily.

High/Extensive – All of our treatment services, usually seen 4-5 times daily.

Our Boston Residential Programs: The Bracket House and Annex

While most of our clients live on their own with 24-hour support from our PACT Teams, some clients choose to start their care in Boston by living in one of our residences, either The Brackett House, or our apartments nearby, called The Annex.

The costs of these programs are calculated on a monthly basis and include all PACT services during the duration of the stay. These costs also often decrease over time.

Please call for costs on residential options.