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Making a Home

At Ellenhorn, we believe in the curative force of home, convinced that people recover best in their own residences and in neighborhoods. This includes people who might be quite distressed by serious psychiatric experiences. As the most intensive mental health outreach program in the United States, we see ourselves as an alternative to hospital or residential levels of care, a sort of hospital or residential program “without walls.”

While it is impossible for us to serve all our clients from their home locales, we’re dedicated to helping them build homes, and connect to their communities in the Boston, New York, and Los Angeles areas. Most of our clients live on their own, in their own apartments, condos or houses. Some begin care at our staffed homes in Arlington, “Brackett House” and “The Annex Apartments”.

Unlike other apartment-based programs, in which clients may live in apartments owned and furnished by the program, we serve the majority of our clients either where they live already, or help them find and secure apartments, condos or houses for themselves and help them furnish these places. Focused on our clients rebuilding their social roles, we see this process as a central part of their treatment, as they deal with landlords, purchase furniture, decorate their homes, cook and feed themselves, keep things organized and clean. All along, our intensive team is helping, often side-by-side.

Boston Supervised Supportive Housing

Many people come to Ellenhorn from across the country and around the world, other people might be just entering adulthood, never having lived on their own, and others might feel that living in a supervised group setting makes sense at the start of care. For these people, we offer our three residential options.

Arlington, MA

Brackett House
Formerly a bed and breakfast, Brackett House at 87 Pleasant Street offers care in a non-institutional and home-like setting. Brackett House offers home-cooked meals using the best-quality ingredients – mostly organic and locally grown.

Brackett House provides 24-hour staffing and highest staff-to-client ratio of all our homes.

Click here for a virtual tour of the Brackett House. 

The Annex
Just a few blocks away from Brackett House, The Annex is a two-bedroom apartment within walking distance of downtown Arlington. With its mix of contemporary and antique furniture, The Annex provides a serene and homelike experience for our clients. It’s suitable for those looking for more independence and privacy than those who stay at Brackett House.

People who stay at The Annex are free to attend all social events, groups and meals offered at Brackett House.

New York City & Los Angeles
Ellenhorn has partnered with several professionally staffed living programs in New York and Los Angeles. Ellenhorn and these programs have worked together to develop a specific plan for collaborative care and clear communication with Ellenhorn’s PACT team while Ellenhorn clients reside in their homes. For more information on Los Angeles and New York City supportive housing options, please contact Admissions at (800) 515-9972.