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Residential and Community Treatment of Psychosis Recordings

On June 7, 2024, Ellenhorn, alongside Gould Farm and The Austen Riggs Center, hosted the First Annual Residential and Community Treatment of

A Celebration of Community: Recapping Our Recent “Residential and Community Treatment of Psychosis” Roundtable Retreat

Ross Ellenhorn, founder and CEO of Ellenhorn, reflects on the recent “Residential and Community Treatment of Psychosis” Roundtable Retreat. This event gathered

The Ultimate Trust Fall: The Importance of Relationship-Building With Families

On June 27, 2024 Ellenhorn hosted this presentation as part of our New Perspectives series. This presentation delves into the critical significance

Trust and Harm Reduction Work: Healing with Relationships

With Zoi Andalcio, LMHC What does it mean to practice with an intentional harm reduction orientation? You might have heard about harm

Embracing Open Dialogue: A Transformative Approach to Psychosis Treatment

In the realm of mental-health treatment, innovative approaches often emerge from unexpected corners of the world. Open Dialogue, which originated at Keropudas

Breaking the Mold: Challenging Traditional Notions of Readiness in Recovery

When is a client undergoing addiction services or psychiatric care ready to “get back to life?” That’s not only a question clinicians

“What is Going on in my Mind: Trust and Mentalization” With Lauren Pellettieri, LCSW

Mentalizing is the imaginative act of making sense of the actions of oneself and others on the basis of intentional mental states

Parallel Paths: Ellenhorn and Wilderness Programs’ Shared Mission for Self-Efficacy

There are as many wilderness approaches as there are wilderness programs.  What binds them together is not simply their innovations in the

Empathy In Action: How Ellenhorn’s Assessments Transform Care 

Clinical assessments are the gold standard for comprehensive psychiatric assessments.  Unlike many of the assessments provided today that are conducted prior to

“The Holding Environment and What it Means to be Trustworthy” with Ross Ellenhorn

Ellenhorn kicked off our 2024 New Perspectives on Treatment Series with a talk by Ross Ellenhorn. The human experience of being held

Culturally Rooted Indigenous Mental Health Practices and Peer Support

Written by Ellenhorn NY PACT Peer Specialist, Tony Muñoz-Hilliard Peer support, often known as mutual aid, has an enduring history that spans

2023 New Perspectives on Treatment: “Trust, Care and Hope in Psychotherapy: A Social Context” with Ross Ellenhorn, Ph.D. and Jon G. Allen, Ph.D.

The erosion of social trust directly impacts mental health care, yet creating trust in psychotherapy is useful only to the extent that