Like all Ellenhorn programs, our New York adolescent program combines robust psychiatric care with intensive services aimed at helping clients remain in their communities while they recover. This kind of "wrap-around" care is especially important for adolescents, since being home, surrounded by family, friends and other connections is a central part of their human development.

Adolescents want to fit in, be connected to their peers, and engage in all the typical activities around them. They naturally want this because they need it developmentally. Life teaches best how to live. And no one is more ready to learn the lessons of life than teens. This learning occurs mostly in the real-life "classroom" of social activity – school activities, sports, friends, family interactions and events. While leaving home for care can be an appropriate option for some adolescents, it also removes them from these natural supports, and thus risks harm to their development.

Trained in the Adolescent Mentalization-Based Integrated Treatment model (ABMIT) that originated at the Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families in London, our adolescent team is able to help individuals aged 14 to 18 remain in their homes and often in their schools, while they recover from behavioral or psychiatric issues. We effectively support our clients in achieving their behavioral, psychiatric, educational, social and family goals by blending robust psychiatric care with intensive, personalized treatment services that address the whole person, delivered by a 24-hour multidisciplinary mobile team.