Ellenhorn Founder and CEO quoted in Psychology Today Article

Ellenhorn founder and CEO, Ross Ellenhorn, PhD, has been quoted as an expert in the recent Psychology today article titled “Tangled in Turmoil” by Lisa A. Phillips. The article shares different stories of people’s experiences with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and various experts’ opinions on the subject. Dr. Ellenhorn reflects on his own experiences observing BPD as well as how it’s similar to experiences in his own life.

“In short, the darkest, most difficult parts of our lives look a lot like the diagnostic criteria for BPD. ‘We all enter borderline states,’ Ellenhorn says. ‘Borderline reflects an attachment injury. We all have attachment injuries. That’s why I have very mixed feelings about the diagnostic label. On the one hand, it’s applied to people whose struggles are not completely separate from basic human experiences. On the other hand, when these states become traits, they cause profound distress. Feeling this way is a living hell.'”

People who experience BPD all deal with it in their own ways in their own situations. This article highlights those experiences and how circumstances can effect where the road leads. Dr. Ellenhorn touches on how many people experience many of the things people who experience BPD deal with but cope with those experiences differently.

“‘I’ve had plenty of everyday interactions that feel like jarring, daily assaults on who I am. We can call it a borderline state, but it’s also called working in an office!’ he says. ‘In this way, I’m very similar to people with BPD. My capacity to bounce back is what makes me different.'”

Read Dr. Ellenhorn’s entire statement on BPD along with the complete article by Lisa A. Phillips here.