VIDEO: Laurie Damsky, PMHNP appears as guest on Recovery X

On July 23rd, 2018, Laurie Damsky, PMHNP, appeared as a guest on Recovery X with Dan Sevingy. Laurie and Dan talk about what Ellenhorn does, mainly surrounding addiction, and how it is unique, more effective, and better for the client as a whole than other treatment models. The use of the PACT model, IDDT, A4CIP, and why Ellenhorn does what it does are all topics that are explored in depth in this interview.

“[Addiction and mental health issues] are not separate, they are completely intwined with each other.”

To learn more about any of the topics covered in this interview please visit our website, Here you will find more detailed information about all of the topics Laurie and Dan covered in their conversation together. For questions about admissions, please contact Laurie Damsky, PMHNP through email at or by phone at 617-491-2070.

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